Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pathiri (Serves 4 )

Pathiris are soft pancakes made from roasted rice flour. It is an integral part of the local cuisine among Mappilas (Muslims) of Kerala, especially in the Malabar region. Pathiris are usually served as breakfast or dinner with any kind of meat gravy. In some places, pathiris are soaked in coconut milk to enhance its flavor and taste. We love pathiris and hope you all will like them too.....

Roasted rice flour 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Salt as needed


Boil water in a deep bottomed vessel. When it is rolling boil add salt. Now slowly add the rice flour, stirring continuously. Switch off stove and transfer the rice mixture to a mixing bowl and allow it to cool. Once the dough reaches bearable warmth, knead the mixture well using both palms until smooth dough is formed. Divide into lemon sized balls and roll them out like chapattis, using dry rice flour. This should be as thin as paper. If needed, cut the edges using a lid.

Heat a tawa in medium to high flame. Place the rolled out pathiri and turn after 20-30 seconds. Wait for another 20-30 seconds on the second side and turn again. You will see the pathiri puff up.

Remove from flame and serve hot with any gravy curry of your choice…


Store bought puttu podi or idiyappam podi can be used to make pathiri
Make  sure to keep the tawa at a constant heat orelse pathiris will turn either hard or doesnt cook well
Dont let the pathiri change its color to brown, it gets stiffer and tough


  1. Excellent recipe dears. Bookmarking this because this is one thing that I always mess up somehow. This looks wonderful. So simple and elegant! Love love love it.

  2. I never knew this dish...sounds simple and nice.. will give it a try

  3. adipoli pathiri..my all time fav..kurachu mutton curry kude kittiyirunnel...:-)

  4. adipoli......i will try this fr sure..:)

  5. perfect pathiris...choodulla chicken curry koode ayal adipoliii!

  6. super pathri..pics kidu aayitundu

  7. adipoli... i recently had this from my neighbour..looks awesome

  8. My fav food...but ethra undakiyalum shariyavilla...Angottu varam padipikkane...Beautiful...

  9. pathiri kalakkiyittundu.. :) chickenum kootti thattan njan ready.. :)

  10. Hi!
    i havent heard of pathiri, but looking at ur pics i ll sure give it a try!

    kind regards,

  11. First time here... wonderful blog.. Awesome recipe.. thanks for sharing.. :)

  12. oh wow looks so so yummy and cute too.. wonderful click as well.

  13. Thank you all..
    Ainentha padippichu tharamallo..engu ethyal mathy..
    Chicken curry okke evide ready anu..poruno?

    Kairali sisters

  14. i love pathari,ennikku undakkan aryilla...many said that we need a presser.i have the wooden chapathi roller,athu use chythu undakkan pattuoo..

  15. nice clicks..pathiri looks perfect and yummy!!

  16. this is fabulous..and it sounds like a neverfail recipe....thanks!

  17. hello first time here and found so many of my favourite recipes here. I love pathiri and every time i visited my mom who lives in the borders of kerala i make a trip to palakkad to get ari pathiri .. Lovely presentation . will keep coming for more.

  18. Nice and an authentic recipe...photos gives justice to ur work guys...



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