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Fresh Tangerine cake (Serves 8-10)

Usually when you think about cakes, the first thing that comes to your mind would be a vanilla cake, chocolate cake or a strawberry cake. To make something different we have tried the recipe for an orange cake. The thought of an orange cake itself brings a feeling of freshness and tanginess to our mouth. So here goes the recipe for Fresh Tangerine Cake. The recipe is that of Paula Dean, however, we have made some modifications in the recipe and to our surprise the cake did come out good.

Recipe for the cake (makes 2 cakes) 

All-purpose flour 2 ½  cups
Sugar 1 ¾ cups
Baking powder 1 tsp
Baking soda 1 ½ tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Eggs (beaten) 3 large
Vegetable oil ¾ cup
Unsalted butter 2 oz or ½ a stick
Sour cream 1 (8 oz tub)
Freshly squeezed tangerine juice 1 cup
Tangerine zest 1 TBSP


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray 2 (9-inch) circular cake pans with vegetable oil cooking spray. (We used parchment paper to prevent sticking of the cake to the pan). Add the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt into a large bowl and mix everything using a spatula. Add the beaten eggs, vegetable oil, butter, sour cream, tangerine juice and zest. Mix everything well together. We did it by hand but you can use a mixer if you have one. Pour the batter evenly into both the pans. Bake for 35 minutes. Check whether the cake is cooked well using a wooden toothpick. Remove the cake the oven and let it cool completely. When cooled, the cake is ready for the icing.

Tangerine Icing for both the cakes

Butter, ¾ stick, room temperature
Cream cheese, 1 (8-ounce) package room temperature
Confectioners’ sugar  3 ¾ cups or use the 1 lb packet of confectioners’ sugar
Tangerine juice 3 ½ tablespoons
Tangerine, zested ½ tsp

Mix the butter, cream cheese and sugar together in a large bowl. Add in the tangerine juice and zest and combine everything until you get the consistency of icing.

Directions for icing the cake

Make sure that the surface and the edges of the cake are smooth without any irregularities. Pour the icing onto the top of the cake and slowly spread it to get an even, smooth layer over the top and then slap some icing on to the side of the cake and move the spatula around the side of the cake until you get an even layer of icing. Decorate the cake using orange slices and orange zest. Keep the cake chilled until it is ready to be eaten. Enjoy!!!!

Note: We used two cake pans (8 inch wide and 1.5 inch deep)


  1. thats sure looks great and ofcourse totally different and new...great work

  2. Very nice cake... love the decoration you have done!

  3. Wow great decor dear and of course delicious, love your pic too....

  4. Looks splendid, wonderful presentation.

  5. Wow!!!

    Yummy, I was fortunate enough to have a bite!!!

  6. OMG!!!!..what a tasteful dish dear :)..adipoli.... eeniku oru piece taramo :)..simply awesome :)

  7. Wooow,,dears cake looks perfect n perfect with beautiful presentation n sounds great cake tangerine cake...well proffesionally taken pics ,,you know food photography dear..

  8. cake looks lovely ...
    Wonderful presentation :-)

  9. Really interesting preparation.Well presented too.

  10. Wow wonderful presentation.yum yum...

  11. Lovely cake with an awesome presentation!

  12. nannayirikkunnu..clicks adipoli

  13. Such a cute cake, looks fantastic, awesome presentation..

  14. Love the flavour of orange , sure an orange cake is a good variation from the usual. Cake looks beautiful!!.

  15. looks perfect.cant wait to try it.

  16. A favourite flavour of mine....

  17. helo dear sisiters.How r u guys
    superb yarr..what a lovely cake..nice pictures.loved it..thanks for sharing such a nice cake idea

  18. Superb cake..Great presentation too!! Bookmarked :)

  19. that looks lovely. the white and orange create such a cooling contrast...feast for eye and tastebud.

  20. tempting, girls...profile pc adipoli,pazham ,pappadam n payasam...:D

  21. Good recipe.. I like Paula Deen's recipe too its rich but always good.

  22. very nice recipe...u very tempting

  23. Very beautiful cake and great click too:-) u sister's rock:-)

  24. Hello sisters pls collect some awards from my blog.

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    thx alot for stoopping by my place n ur encouraging comments..u have a fatastic site the cake n othe frosting....i too love orange anything actuaaly....
    following you...well one question b4 i many moderators r ther 4 this blog,since it says kairali sisters...i too love to have someone to blog for me...

  26. This is such a refreshing recipe with such exotic ingredients,I can almost taste the sweetness infused with the subtle tanginess:)Yumaaayyy!!!

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