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Ela ada/ Ila ada/ Kerala’s sweetened rice parcels (Makes 6-8)


Ela ada

Wishing you all a very very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! In honor of the day,I am sharing the recipe of Ela ada, one of my Amma's (Mom) favorite snacks and is a delicacy of Kerala. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Rice flour 1 cup (can use idiyappam or puttu podi)
Grated coconut ¾ cup
Jaggery ¼ cup, melted
Cumin seeds ¼ tsp (optional)
Cashew nuts and raisins 2 TBSP each (Optional)
Cardamom seeds 2-3, crushed
Salt a pinch
Boiling Water as required
Banana leaf 6-8nos (alternately you can use parchment paper if banana leaves are not available)

Ila ada


Cut banana leaf

Place a portion of rice dough on the leaf

Flatten the dough with your fingers







Place the filling onto one half

Fold the leaf

Steam the adas for about 20 minutes









Melt the jaggery at medium heat with little water and once it forms thick syrup, mix the coconut, cashews and raisins and cardamom with it. Stir well and when the mixture becomes dry, switch off the flame. Set aside.

Mix cumin seeds with rice flour. Bring water to rolling boil, add salt. Now add water little by little to the rice flour until it forms to a dough, stirring continuously using a wooden spatula. Allow this to cool for some time and knead well with your hands. Make medium to large sized balls with the dough. Place each ball on the banana leaf and flatten them thinly on to the leaf with your fingertips as seen in the picture.(Dip your fingertips occasionally in water as it helps the flattening easy.) Place a tablespoon or two of the coconut jaggery mixture onto one side of the dough. Fold the leaf from the other side and seal edges. Set aside. Repeat the same with the rest of the dough. Steam cook for 20-30 minutes in an idli cooker or steamer. Switch off flame and take the ada outside and allow to cool for 10-12 minutes before serving. You can either serve it on the banana leaf itself or take it off onto a plate ..Serve warm…

Sweetened rice parcels



  1. Those look absolutely delicious! What a wonderful treat.



  2. Hey suji,
    Indeed a flavorful treat to celebrate Mother's day!looks mouthwatering
    We too make a dish called 'Patholi' which is very close to this one :P we steam the contents ( the rice mixture is runny) in turmeric leaves, thanks for sharing a traditional dish of Kerala.

  3. aromatic delicious presentation
    happy mother's day

  4. Happy mothers day. Ela ada adipoli.

  5. Happy Mother's Day...used to have this a lot during childhood...ugran aayittu undu tto..kurachu parcel cheythekku...glad to follow u :)

  6. Yummy ila adai, am drooling here...
    Happy Mother's Day!!!
    kurinjikathambam, Event: HRH-Healthy Summer, Roundup: HRH-Puffed Rice

  7. Perfect post for this beautiful day.Happy mothers day Suji.. loved reading ur post.. you made me nostalgic..
    Ada looks super yummy.. valare nice aayi parathiyittundu.. katti koodiyaal pinne kozhukkatta kazhikkum poleyaavum.. blog thudangiya kaalathu njan undaakkunna ada ella kozhukkatta parathiya pole aayirunnu.. :) ippol aanu sarikkum padichathu.. pinne ila kurachu pisukkiye njan upayogikku.. avide oru vaazha thanne kitti ennu thonnunnu.. :) :)
    nadan chicken curry serve cheythu baakki ulla ila aano? snap is too tempting Suji.. which way you use to edit images and arrange in this type of sequence?

  8. is this simillar to wat we call it as kolakatai? looks heavenly!

  9. Looking absolutely gorgeous.Drools!!

  10. I've never made this. Your pictures speak that they are delicious!

  11. Suji adda looking great...and the pics are fabolous!!!!!!

  12. Just drooling over that delicious dish,simply inviting..Happy Mother's day to u too...

  13. fat a fantabulous recipe...awesome presentation dear...inviting clicks..
    Happy mother's day to you..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. Give me some, just drooling over that ela ada, makes me drool..

  15. New for me and looks so so gud ....yum

  16. Wow, iam drooling. feel like grabbing it..

  17. Adipoli,kandittu favorite.

  18. oh Suji..oru rakshayum illa kto.!!! adipoli..ippo kittiyal kollam..

  19. wow, this is my fav..Gorgeous pictures!!

  20. adipoli aayittudne.. ethokke kazhichittu ethra kaalam aayi..

  21. They look so tempting ~ yummy to the core :)
    Beautiful post!
    US Masala

  22. Wow,amazing,they look very very tempting! Flavorful!

  23. Ahh, that filling looks too tempting. I usually make this as a sweet dish during Ramadan- the whole family loves this.

  24. Awesome! It's been ages since I had some of these!

  25. They are just perfect.. love the arrangement..

  26. Ethu kandittu kothi aayittu vayya..Ethavanna nattil poyittu polum ethu kazhikkan othilla..ammaye kondu undakkipikkan marannu poyi :( Enthayalum pics and presentation superb!!

  27. Thank you for the beautiful recipe. I am a gujrati wife trying to cook for my Mallu husband. After eating this ada he started dancing... :D

  28. HI Binal..I am so glad to see you comment. Please keep trying more kerala dishes and give us feedback. thank you again for choosing us..



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