Friday, February 15, 2013

Fried egg and cheese sandwich with avocado spread

Fried egg and cheese sandwich

These sandwiches have a special place in our breakfast menu as we have a lot of grad school memories associated with it. Back then, when we were grad students at Oklahoma, there was this small restaurant “SHORT CAKES” where we first had these. We used to drive straight to the restaurant after school as we would be tired and hungry. I learned to make these from the “chefs” there, as it was open kitchen and we watch them while waiting for the food. These are easy, filling and are perfect for picnics too..

Bread slices 2 (I used whole grain bread)
Egg 1
Cheese slices 1 (I used kraft singles)
Butter/margarine 1 tsp
Salt, pepper

For the avocado spread

Avocado ½ of one
Salt, pepper

Cut the avocado to half and scoop out the flesh; Mash it with a fork and season with salt and pepper. Spread the same onto one of the bread slices and set aside.

Now heat a pan and add the butter/ margarine. Crack the egg and cook on a medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Season egg with salt and pepper. Now turn the egg (sunny side down) and cook for a minute. Poke the center (yolk) a little (yolk will be still runny, that’s ok) and place the cheese slice. Now top the cheese with the other bread slice and turn over. Place the bread with avocado spread above this and toast both sides. Serve immediately.

Crack the egg

After 2-3 minutes turn the sunny side down

Poke the yolk a little and place the cheese slice






Place the bread slice

Bread slice with avocado spread

Fried egg sandwich








  1. Healthy and filling,kid loves this combo,so I make this for lunch box:)

  2. looks yummy and very very delectable...

  3. Healthy and super filling sandwich.

  4. Nice! So happy to find this recipe and bring back all the memories :) Will make it this weekend for breakfast :)


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