Myself - Sujitha Manoj - an absolute foodie, who loves to COOK, EAT and SHARE. My love for home cooked fresh food and my passion to feed others with my culinary experiments paved the way to "Pazham Pappadam Payasam" @ www.sujiscookbook.com in 2010. I have always been a great fan of home cooked delicious food, be it from my mom's, grandmom's, aunts or neighbors! My mom was very strict when it came to her "kitchen" and never really allowed us kids to try our hands on, but for chopping veggies and cleaning until I was 15 or so. I used to keenly watch and help her with prepping, and that could be described as my early lessons from the kitchen. Then came the BIG break for my cooking as I moved to hostel for higher studies. I was away from everything related to cooking from then till I got married and came to the USA. This is where I started my "own" culinary journey, where I cooked for my husband, Manoj who is my greatest inspiration and critic! Soon, my passion turned into a hobby and I landed in the YUMMY land of blogs.
Being a global citizen and a member of the information explosion era, I have been fortunate to be exposed to the flavors of the world, both in person and insilico. I have always been passionate about all aspects of gastronomy, right from knowing the qualities of each ingredient that goes into food to styling and food photography. Being a wife, a mom and a trained food scientist, I have a growing passion in the creation of healthy, fully home cooked meals with wholesome ingredients without compromising on the taste front. It is a challenge which I thoroughly enjoy. Moreover, being a staunch believer in the saying that "You are what you EAT", especially in this era when it is easy to make wrong food decisions, the long-term effect of which on the family is far reaching. I must say, I have been fortunate to have a family and group of friends who really appreciate and encourage my culinary efforts which is the prime force that keeps me ticking. It is true that there is a lot of variation in taste preferences between individuals and one person's "lip-smacking" recipe might not feel so great for another. Hence, I tried to incorporate those recipes which can tolerate a wide variation in spice levels and still taste good. 
"PAZHAM PAPPADAM PAYASAM" is a simple food blog featuring traditional and contemporary recipes from around the globe. The recipes featured here are all tried and tasted by my family and friends. The spice level and choice of ingredients are purely based on our personal preferences; hence please adjust it according to your palates.

I would love to hear from you, be it compliments or improvements or criticism, if you try any recipes from"Pazham Pappadam Payasam


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